B2B integration

Traditional contact with business partners (suppliers, agents, etc.) is always based on piles of documents, excel tables and files. Viewing a lot of files and retrieving contracts, invoices and other documents takes a lot of time and may affect relations with contractors, delaying the completion of orders.

Many companies in the B2B sector is using our dedicated software.

Tailored solutions streamline sales processes at every stage – from the moment of placing the order to the completion of the transaction. For companies operating in the B2B segment, this means two things: more efficient organization of their work and improving relations with partners.

Our B2B solutions enable:

– greater automation of the sales process,
– efficient workflow,
– efficient contact management,
– effective procurement planning.

Our B2B solutions are available as an integrated app to manage all contacts and orders in one place. Fully adapted to the needs and expectations of each company, strongly influence the improvement of communication with business partners at every stage of cooperation.

We offer B2B solutions that can operate in the cloud, providing quick access to information and ensuring the security of collected data.

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