Case Study: Media Markt and Saturn

Creating a web application and mobile application for transport and assembly of household appliances

Project duration: 5 months

Date of completion: may 2017

OMDE Sp. z o.o.

Sector: services

Location: Wrocław, Poland

Size: 20 employees


About the company

A Wrocław-based company providing household appliance transport and installation services for Media Markt and Saturn retail chains.

About the project


As part of our 4-month project for OMDE, we have developed a web application used by Media Markt and Saturn employees, as well as installers working for OMDE. A store employee selling an appliance can immediately view open times and dates during which the appliance can be installed in a given part of the city. The system also allows specifying how long an order will take, depending on the time required for transport to a given location, the number of appliances and installation complexity. In addition, every installer has access to a list of orders for the day, displayed on his phone in the form of a Kanban list.

“We can readily recommend

Lobo Solutions as a solid and

reliable business partner.”

– a satisfied client

Jacek Skrzynecki,

proprietor, OMDE Sp. z o.o.

Client’s primary


Development, servicing

and maintenance

Number of chain stores

Timely delivery

Yes 10 100% 99.95%

The challenge

The purpose of the application was to handle the appliance installation process, first by letting a store employee find a time during which an installation could be scheduled, then by sending an order to OMDE, distributing the jobs among different teams of installers and finally by verifying delivery and supporting order settlement with the store. The new application is used at every stage, allowing the user to view fulfilled and outstanding orders, as well as orders scheduled for subsequent days. Each task (transportation, carrying and installation) takes a different amount of time (e.g. 30 or 45 minutes); the time required to drive to the customer’s location also needs to be taken into account. It’s therefore necessary to have a tool that will ensure optimum utilization of employee’s time, while also allowing to schedule the time necessary to complete the job.

The approach

For a long time, the client has been aware of the need to streamline the communication between his business client and between his own employees (installers). Up to this point, the company would receive the orders by email, using an Excel file. Jobs were distributed among installers in a similar fashion. It would incur additional costs and increase the risk of errors. It was therefore necessary to create an IT system that would connect all the different users. It should have been as simple and straightforward as possible in order to enable use by store employees without the need for time-consuming training. An important challenge was the need to combine specific expectations and methods of operation of different chain stores operating in the Silesian and Lower-Silesian Voivodships.

1. Need and requirements analysis (3 weeks):

– detailing the functional and non-functional requirements, – preparing documentation in the form of Word file, – active consulting with regards to functionality.

2.Programming (3+ months):

– developing the solution, – regularly scheduled meetings with the client.

3. Testing (3 weeks)

– testing on a pre-production system for OMDE, Media Markt and Saturn employees.

4.Deployment (1 week)

-Deploying the application on a production system,

-First-run assistance,

5.Post-deployment support

The solution

The client entrusted us with a full responsibility for developing and maintaining the solution. We therefore settled on a stable and proven solution, which allowed for additional development in the future.

We have decided to use .Net, AngularJS and Bootstrap. Splitting the application into a server and client module ensures the flexibility needed for future development of the application in order to meet the needs of a growing company. The application is hosted on MS Azure with a guaranteed SLA uptime of 99.95%.

An initial analysis allowed us to identify 3 types of users:

-A chain store employee,

-An OMDE office employee, – an OMDE installer.

Using a web browser, a store employee has access to functionality, which displays a calendar showing times and dates available for delivery, based on the scope of required services and the address under which they’re to be provided. The solution turned out to be very helpful to store employees.

An installer working for OMDE can use his phone to access a list of orders that have been assigned to him. It functions like a Kanban list, where every installer is responsible for assigning himself to available orders and fulfilling them. At the end of the day, the outstanding order list is empty and the completed order list contains all orders that have been fulfilled during the given day.

Kanban list

After logging into his account using a mobile phone, an installer sees a list of all unassigned orders for the day. First, he has to assign himself to specified orders. These are automatically moved into my orders tab. Assignment is done by clicking a single icon. Once assigned, the installer is responsible for carrying out all of his outstanding orders, until they’re marked as fulfilled.

The fulfillment status is available online and can be viewed by employees at OMDE office and by store employees.

Responsive image
Responsive image

Ease of use

An installer can access detailed information about a given order, by clicking the ‘details’ icon. A new tab displays all information necessary to fulfill an order, including type of the appliance, delivery hour and installation address.

An installer can mark an order as finished and he can also add notes to it.

Open schedule calendar

Providing store employees with a calendar displaying available times turned out to be just what they needed. It displays available times in a clean and simple way, by analyzing various data (scope of installation, types of appliances, the address). It also allows for planning installation in two different timeblocks (e.g. 12pm –4pm and 4pm – 8pm combined). It had the effect of significantly speeding up and streamlining the process of assigning orders.

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